The directors of the SRHBT Neighborhood association plan the agenda for neighborhood meetings and represent the neighborhood in matters that come up between meetings.

The board of directors elected in May 2018 include:

  • Chris Kagen, chair
  • Martin Morgan, vice chair
  • Betsy Lewis, secretary
  • Don Samdahl, treasurer
  • Michelle Plesko
  • Deirdre Johnson
  • Jim Hoff
  • Rodney Rutherford

Officers are elected to one-year terms, and directors at-large are elected to two-year terms. Elections happen at our annual general meeting, normally on the 2nd Tuesday of May.

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Rodney Rutherford

resident since:


involved with:



related experience:



8000 block of 122nd Ave NE

Liveable Kirkland, Lake Washington United Methodist Church

systems engineer at Google

sustainability, community building, bicycle transportation, public transit, traffic calming

Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board (2005-08), Seattle Monorail Project volunteer (2000-03)